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Buy BAKING SUPPLIES in Bangladesh

Can you imagine? When you are in the kitchen and being the middle of baking your favorite recipe. And by chance you are missing your baking supplies or any baking items like flour, whip cream, cookies, sprinkle, etc. Nothing to worry! We are having all the necessary baking product, already on hand, and it is less of a headache. Stock up on our 150+ baking items you’ll need to bring for making your baking. 

All of our products are collected from authorized dealers and checked by our quality control team to ensure the best for our thousands of  respected clients. We are bound to give you the best product in the market.

Let’s get baking! Just visit our online store and make an order. Products will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

We sell Baking Supplies as follows: 

  • Baking Items: Baking Chocolates-Cocoa, Breads, Whipped-cream, Flours.
  • Baking Tools: Baking-Molds, Cake-Pizza-Box, Cake-Board, Nozzles, Paper-Cups, others Decoration tools.
  • Colors & Flavors: Cooking-Ingredients, Flavors, Fondant, Food-color, Sprinkles, Etc. 
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