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Buy Cooking Oil in Bangladesh

The most popular cooking oils in Bangladesh are Soyabean oil, Mustard oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Canola oil etc. Oil is used in cooking, sauteing, and frying a wide variety of foods. It adds flavors to the dish and a host of health benefits.Those cooking oils have  beneficial nutrients and are used in day-to-day cooking to improve the nutritional value of your food. Those oils are made from soybean, rice bran, chia seeds, walnut, and apricot.

Human diets agree that oils and fats are necessary components of a healthy diet.

It’s likely that many of the meals you make at home include the use of cooking oil. But have you ever given any thought to the factors that distinguish one oil from another?

Cooking Oil Price in Bangladesh

We offer different types of cooking oil in BD;

  • Pusti Soyabean Oil

  • Refined Cooking Palm Oil

  • 1no.Pure Deshi Mustard Oil-Lose

  • Rupchanda Soyabean Oil

  • Bashundhara Fortified Soyabean Oil

  • White Gold Rice Bran Oil

  • Extra Virgin Vitacare Cooking Coconut Oil

  • Teer Soyabean Oil (তীর সয়াবিন)

  • Zaytoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Utsho Deshi Mustard oil

  • Fragrance sesame oil Blended-630ml

  • Vitacare Virgin Grade Mustard Oil

  • Radhuni Pure Mustard Oil

  • Vitacare Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Vitacare Sunflower oil

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