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Buy Baking Items in Bangladesh

At Dokanpat, We serve authentic baking items for your baked goods Whether you’re serving for a birthday, wedding or other special occasions. Our shop offer all the essentials your cupcakes, cookies, cake making and decorating staff needs to create premium desserts. Whether you’re making anything, our goods are perfect for all. We serve high-quality and unique baking items from the market. We never compromise our product quality for our thousands of customers that you’ll love using time and time again.

We offer a one-stop-shop for all your dessert decorating needs. We offer a wide range of variety items like, 

  • Baking Chocolates 
  • Cocoa 
  • Whipped-cream
  •  Flours
  •  Bread

Let’s get quality ingredients! Just visit our online store and make an order. Products will be delivered to you as soon as possible. We will help you create beautiful cookies, candy, cakes and cupcakes for any celebration!

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