Dall or Lentil(ডাল)

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Dal is an Indo-Aryan language also known as ডাল ও ডাল শস্য,  daal. Dal or Lentil(ডাল) in Bangladesh can refer to certain dried, split pulses (that is, lentils, peas and beans) that do not require pre-soaking. Bangladesh is one of the largest producers of pulses in the world. Dal is one of the most important foods, alongside vegetables, of the Indian subcontinent. Its universal use throughout India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bhutan gives credence to its ease of use, health giving properties, amazing taste and accessibility to all.

I grew up eating dal. It’s cooked by my mother in a pressure cooker until it becomes creamier with a soft texture.As a  lentil based dish dal is an important food in our daily lives. It is a necessary part of our daily lives. 

Dal or Lentil(ডাল) Price in Bangladesh

We offer Different types of Dal or Lentil(ডাল) in Bangladesh;

  • Motor Dal (মটর ডাল)
  • Cholar Dal (ছোলার ডাল)
  • Dabli Dal Loose (ডাবলি বুট)
  • Chickpea Flour/Beshon
  • Fati Masoor Dal (ফাটি মসুর ডাল)
  • Deshi Masoor Dal (দেশি মসুর ডাল)
  • Deshi Muger Dal (দেশি মুগের ডাল)
  • Indian Masoor Dal (ইন্ডিয়ান মসুর ডাল)
  • Garbanzo Chola (ছোলা)
  • 1no. Besan Of Motor Dal
  • 1no. Kolai Dal (কলাই ডাল)
  • Indian Muger Dal (ইন্ডিয়ান মুগের ডাল)

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