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Do you want to add zest to your food? then buy salt & sugar in bangladesh. Salt & sugar occupy a necessary role in our daily diet and are consumed in one form or another. No occasion is complete without salt sugar taste. While an excess of these ingredients is indeed bad for health, our bodies need them in small quantities for a number of reasons. 

Buy Sugar in Bangladesh

Sugar is the generic name for sweet-tasting. In Bangladesh There are different varieties of sugar that are made from different sources, such as brown sugar, palm sugar and jaggery. Jaggery is healthier than sugar for his mineral. On the other hand, sugar is made up of 100% carbohydrates and has no amount of fat, protein or minerals. Similarly, Ayurveda teaches that the sweet taste nourishes the mind, relieves hunger and thirst, increases tissues and improves the immune system. But you have to take it as an ideal portion. 

Buy Salt in bangladesh

Salt is a mineral formed from sodium chloride.Salt is used in a number of recipes for consumption and skin care. It has detoxed the power system. Throughout time, salt has been an important part of our kitchens and is used to flavour up every other dish. It’s an irreplaceable thing in our kitchen or daily lives.

Salt & Sugar Price in Bangladesh

Salt & Sugar price in Bangladesh can vary from time to time based on different factors. We are offering high-quality authentic whipped cream at an affordable price. 

We offer different types of salt & sugar in BD; 

  • Indian Refined Sugar-Loose
  • Fresh Refined Sugar 1kg (ফ্রেশ চিনি)
  • Icing Sugar-250gm
  • Anchor Icing Sugar 250gm
  • Confidence Salt-1kg
  • Ajinomoto Tasting Salt Monosodium glutamate
  • Top Tasting Salt
  • Carew’s Sugar-Loose
  • Dimond Rock Sugar Misri-500gm
  • ACI Pure Salt 1kg (এস ই আই লবন)
  • Fresh Refined Sugar 500gm (ফ্রেশ চিনি)
  • Molla Super Salt 1kg (মোল্লা লবন)
  • 40 Mesh Pearlized Sanding Sugar Silver
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