Bakels Vanilla Premix Or Cake Mix (Lose)

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Ingredients of Bakels Vanilla Cake Mix Or Premix For Cake Sponge (Lose):

Sugar, Wheat Flour, Starch, Permitted Emulsifier (E475 / E471), Leavening (E450), Leavening Agent (E500), Mineral Salt (E170)

Physical Appearance: White to off –white free flowing powder

Product Description :

VANILLA  CAKE MIX is a Bakels product specially
formulated for premium quality cakes. A cake Mix to
produce perfect consistent quality sponges, which have good
volume, even texture, and delicious flavor and appearance.

1. Mix Bakels sponge mix With Egg & Water At Low Speed For 1 min
2. Continue Mix At High Speed For 7 mins
3. Add Oil & Mix At Low Speed For 1 min.
4. Deposit into a greased cake mold.
5. Bake at 180± 5°C for 40 minutes.

Product Benefits :

1. It can be used for making excellent cakes.
2. It provides good emulsification, batter stability, good volume, and uniform crumb structure.
3. Formulated to provide excellent eating qualities.

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